I am delighted with our A level, BTEC and Welsh Baccalaureate results. Congratulations to all our students for their success which is borne out of ability, endeavour, dedication and perseverance over two long years.

I am particularly proud of the achievements of the whole year group following the loss of one of their peers during the exam period.

Most of our students who applied for Higher Education courses have been accepted to the Universities of their choice, many of which are Russell Group Universities.

The following students received excellent results: Maia Davies (4 A*’s), Beca Daniel (3 A*’s, 1 A), Elis Owain Williams (3 A*’s), Thomas Bowen and Dylan Hughes (2 A*’s, 2A’s).

The results below are our A Level results (Welsh Baccalaureate and BTEC qualifications not included).

% A* - A: 36%

%A* - C: 84%

%A* - E: 99%

I am indebted to my staff for preparing their students so well for their A level, Welsh Baccalaureate and BTEC courses and who take so much pride in the achievements of their students.

John Hayes

Term Dates

Autumn Term 2018-19:
Monday September 4 - Friday December 21
Half term:- 29/10/18 - 02/11/18

Spring Term 2018-19:
Monday January 7 - Friday April 12
Half Term:- 25/02/19 - 01/03/19

Summer Term 2018-19:
Monday April 29 - Monday July 22
Half Term:- 27/05/19 - 31/05/19

Cardiff Council School Term Dates

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